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Commune Head of Rewal Community Office

The International Music Festival Sacrum Non Profanum has become a permanent fixture in the calendar of main cultural events in Rewal. Owing to the festival, our Neo-Gothic local church every year hosts eminent musicians both from Poland and abroad. The cognitive values of the event and its exceptionally high artistic level have turned Trzęsacz into Poland's important summer cultural centre.
I have, one more time, the honor to be part of this spectacular event and I cordially invite both the faithful fans of the festival and those who have never come to hear the concerts to become one family of Polyhymnia lovers. I am fully convinced that this year's ninth edition of the festival will bring a spate of emotions, thrills, spiritual and esthetic experiences that will take listeners into unchartered territory of classical music. Our church, with its profound ambiance, will be the venue of an artistic feast for music lovers. Joint the festival even for a while to experience the magical air of the location, to meet exceptional people with passion for art and last but not least to become part of this spectacular event.

Professor Bohdan Boguszewski, a renowned conductor and a great friend of Rewal Commune, will traditionally be supervising the whole event as the Artistic Director of the festival. Only owing to the unfailing dedication of this Artist, the festival has become a fully professional music event that has managed to attract broad-based groups of devoted music fans, famous composers and contemporary artists.
Every edition of the festival has its Master; last year it was Henryk Mikołaj Górecki, this year it is going to be Krzysztof Penderecki and his works. The festival's formula is ideal to give listeners an opportunity to appreciate Poland's greatest composers and to introduce them to their work.
May I remind you again that for the ninth year running we have the chance to meet extraordinary musicians who will show their musical competence in the mystical interior of the Neo-Gothic church in Trzęsacz. As the head of Rewal Community and a dedicated fan of the festival, with pride and satisfaction, I invite everyone to come to Rewal between 12 and 17 August to enjoy this musical event.

Robert Skraburski

Commune Head of Rewal Community Office

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